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Vince Pocente

Motivational Speaker

Vincent Pocente, Motivational Speaker



Topics: BIG GOALS in Short Order (Level One)
  - BIG GOALS in Short Order (Level two)

Inspire and Energize your audience with a Keynote motivational presentation by Vince Pocente!   Or....have Vince as your Master of Ceremonies. 

Renowned business strategist and expert in accelerating towards big goals, Vince Poscente is a master communicator. He knows how to get an audience’s attention and maintain electrifying energy while providing:

  • Hands-on goal attaining tools that you can use immediately
  • Edge-of-seat motivating stories, 135mph ski videos, heart-pumping music
  • Take-action-today inspiration
  • Flat-out-fun with Poscente’s signature wit and wisdom

Vince combines his leadership insights from his successful business career with lesons from his Olympic experience in his high energy presentation.  He inspires audiences to ignite their vision, encourages indiviuals to execute their strategies and infuses companies and teams with the confidence needed to attain their BIG GOALS in SHORT ORDER.