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Vicki Hitzges

Motivational Speaker

Vicki Hitzges, motivational speaker


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If you are looking for an dynamic speaker for an entertaining, informative and helpful presentation, consider Vicki Hitzges.  Vicki's inspiration, perspectives and strategies are lasting tools that can reshape the way a workforce interacts.  

Since Vicki doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all speeches, each presentation is tailored to the needs and dynamics of each group. She welcomes the opportunity to talk with key decision-makers in advance, so she can maximize her relevance.

Vicki started out as a reporter and interviewer where she developed a talent for talking to anyone about anything. Vicki hosted TV newscasts for NBC in Corpus Christi as well as hosted talk shows, anchored and reported for Fox, CBS and ABC affiliates in Dallas.

Vicki made the transition From TV into public relations. One of her clients was America’s foremost motivational teacher, Zig Ziglar. Zig admired Vicki’s creativity and invited her to be one of the few speakers he has personally mentored.

Vicki has achieved numerous milestones as a speaker.  She was the first female speaker ever invited to address the California Business Leadership Summit. The following year she was invited back as a special guest to meet the second female speaker, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. She's spoken to enthusiastic audiences across the United States as well as in Canada, Thailand, Panama and New Zealand.

Presentation Topics

"What Mary Kay, Vince Lombardi & an Old Crank Could Teach You"

Theme: The four steps successful people take to get ahead

"Jazz ‘em Up – Turn ‘em Loose" (How to Motivate Your Workforce)

Theme: To get employees to work for you, you've got to work for them

"Baby Take Off Your Stress – You Can Leave Your Hat On "

Theme: How to bounce back when you feel knocked flat

"Here I Am – There You Are"

Theme: How to improve your group’s internal and external relationships by putting others first

"One Bold Voice, Two Shaky Knees" (How to Write a Sizzling Speech)

Theme: Effective speakers speak the way their audience thinks.

"Old Dogs – New Tricks" (Conquer the Challenge of Change)

Theme: Master change so change doesn't master you

Watch It! (Improving Your Company’s Safety Record)

Theme: Funny, entertaining talk with a serious message:
Stay healthy. Act safely!

The Time of Your Life

Theme: How gaining control of your time puts you in control of your life

What Makes People Laugh

Theme: Funny people are powerful. Want power? Be funny. Here's how.

Attitude Schmattitude

Theme: Attitude is a choice. Choose to enjoy life!



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