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Todd Buchholz

Economics Speaker, Author

Todd Buchholz, commentator on the world economy




  • Is The Economy Headed Higher - Or Off A Cliff?
  • How To Compete In A Chaotic Economy
  • The Inside Story of the White House
  • How Lawsuits Are Ruining America
  • The Hope and Danger Behind World Politics

Todd Buchholz is an internationally known commentator on the world economy, technology, financial markets, and politics. His views on technology, Federal Reserve Board policy, stock market volatility, and e-commerce have recently been featured on The Wall Street Journal editorial page. He is co-founder of Enso Capital Management, LLC - an international investment fund focused on equities, global fixed income, and foreign exchange.

Buchholz has served as a White House economic adviser, a Managing Director of the Tiger Management fund, and a consultant to such renowned firms as Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs. He also advises ABC News, often appearing on World News Tonight, Nightline, and Good Morning America. He recently briefed Presdient George W. Bush on the 'New Economy.'

His new book, MARKET SHOCK: 9 Economic Upheavals that will Shake Our Financial Future was called 'gripping, fun, and enjoyable,' by BusinessWeek, while the Wall Street Journal called it a 'witty guide to many possible futures.'

A contributing editor of Worth magazine, Buchholz has also written for Forbes and Reader's Digest. He delivered a lecture at the White House entitled 'Clarity, Honesty and Modesty in Economics,' and has been a keynote speaker before such groups as Compaq, Volvo, and Chase Bank.