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Steven Stanton


Steven Stanton, Speaker



Topics: Change Management, E-business, Organizational Development

One of America's most sought-after speakers, Steven A. Stanton has made his mark as a business consultant and author. A pioneer of process-centered innovation, he has participated in the creation of many of the world's most valuable and revolutionary business ideas including: business re-engineering, radical process design, process management, process-centered governance, process collaboration and reflective organizations.

Over the past 20 years, Mr. Stanton has delivered hundreds of successful presentations to a wide variety of audiences ranging in size from small executive teams to very large groups at industry conferences. Regardless of topic or venue, Steve Stanton's presentations are always characterized by interaction, insight, humor, energy, pragmatism and depth.

A prolific author, his writings include the best-selling The Reengineering Revolution, published by HarperBusiness, and How Process Enterprises Really Work, published by the Harvard Business Review.

Often quoted by major business publications such as Fortune Magazine and The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Stanton's penetrating insights into complex business operations reflect a deep understanding of contemporary business issues.

In addition to public speaking, writing and consulting, Mr. Stanton has been actively involved with today's leading edge business research. Topics include E-Process design, collaboration and value, levers of cultural change and process management and organic growth.

Process Management For Profit:

Identifying processes and process owners;

Establishing governance and measurememt mechanics;

Creating customer focused process outcomes;

Driving continuous performance improvement.

Seizing Synergy:

Getting complex organizations to collaborate;

Identifying process optimization opportunities;

Developing clear decision rights and operating principles.

Thriving With Change:

Accepting the inevitability of change;

Understanding the personal and organizational implications of a dynamic world;

Crafting operating strategies to leverage range adaptability.

Making Operational Excellence Really Real:

Fitting your operational model to your strategy;

Designing strategies to fit your capabilities;

Ensuring non-stop process improvement.

Shaping A Culture Of Excellence:

Understanding culture and its importance;

Driving new values and behaviors;

Linking behaviors to performance.