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Rubi Nicholas

Motivational Speaker & Corporate Humorist

Rubi Nicholas, motivational speaker




  • Mother? Manager? – Why You’ve Got the Best Skill Set for Corporate
  • Gen X Managers – Our Critical Role in Bridging the Communication and Culture Gap between Boomers and Slackers
  • Economy of Language – How Comedy can Teach you to Get to the POINT!

Need a refreshing change of pace for your next corporate event?

Rubi Nicholas has a husband, two kids, three Master's degrees, a cat, a dog, a day job in corporate and works many nights as a comedian.  She has a humorous presentation on how you can balance and fulfill your life and dreams. 

Recently selected the winner of 2006's "Funniest Mom in America," on the Nick@Nite network, a nationally televised series, Rubi's charming sense of timing and clear charisma make her a natural story teller.

Rubi's humor incorporates her ethnic heritage, her family life as a corporate woman whose husband is a stay at home dad, the antics of her two little girls, and how taking a risk can change you for the better.

Rubi skillfully blends her story and allows your audience to experience her life from parents to parenting, culture clashes to kids, corporate life to comedy clubs.  Her memorable and inspiring presentations will make your next event a hit.

Location: Denver, CO