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Rick Lewis

Speaker, Entertainer

Rick Lewis



  • Leadership
  • Peak Performance
  • Safety Presentation
  • Sales Presentation

Instead of hiring either a speaker or an entertainer for your next event, hire Rick Lewis.  Rick Lewis will deliver your important message in an entertaining and engaging format.  He is just the presenter to weave together world-class entertainment and captivating, customized motivational speaking for maximum impact on your crowd.

Customized Motivational Speaking

Rick will deliver his speaking topics as an addition to his entertainment program.  All of the topics can be customized to address the objectives or themes of your meeting.  The keynote can be scheduled to occur directly following Rick's entertainment routine or can be presented during a slot later in the day or on a day following the initial meeting, either as general session or a break-out session.

Customer, Guest or Staff Appreciation Message

Rick will also customize his headline act to deliver an appreciation message to the guests of your event, whether those guests are prospective clients whose business is appreciated, in-house staff whose dedication and hard work is appreciated, divisional, regional or national corporate staff whose vision and leadership are appreciated, or prospective customers whose time and attention are appreciated.



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