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Reginald Jones

Motivational Speaker

Reginald Jones, motivational speaker





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Reginald Jones, a former professional football player in the National Football League, with the New Orleans Saints and Cleveland Browns, will help to revitalize your people, decrease tension in your organization, and erect an excited crowd.   He will motivate and encourage your employees to be healthier and more productive.  His presentations fuse provocative information with an exciting and competitive athlete’s perspective.  Reginald’s presentations, articulate his belief that the glass is always half full, and the optimistic perspective is the only way to view life – in order to succeed in the game of life.

Reginald Jones is founder and president of Fit 2 Win Corporation, a corporate fitness consulting firm, headquartered in Chicago.  His consulting firm proposes that organizations employ fitness, as a means of reducing healthcare expenditures, and lowering absenteeism.  Fit 2 Win consulting offers educational seminars and workshop, as well as executive coaching and the ‘K.E.E.P™.’ program.  Reginald is currently working on his first fitness book.  He has been speaking and consulting over 12 years. He holds a B.A. from the University of Memphis.

In addition to his thought-provoking messages, Reginald assists organizations and individuals in achieving their total potential.  He presents solutions that are both practical and achievable.  Having experienced competition at the premier level, as a starter in the NFL, Reginald empowers addressees, with the expertise and tactics to succeed in a competitive environment.

As a former professional football player in the NFL, Reginald has a unique understanding of the discipline and motivation necessary to succeed in teamwork, fitness, and life.  He is a lifelong athlete, and maintains his personal fitness with a regular cardio and weight training regimen.  His philosophy is lifestyle and moderation.   Speaker, consultant, both motivating, and inspirational; Reginald Jones will get your group ‘Fit 2 Win’ in diverse facets of life.