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Neil Pflum

The Musical Motivator

Neil Pflum - the Musical Motivator



Topics: Motivation Speaker

Inspirational Speaker Neil Pflum will impress your group with a motivational program that is musical in nature. Compared to traditional motivational speakers and programs, musical motivation connects the right and left sides of the brain so that your group will learn more and retain it longer, on their way to achieving greater success in life!

As a professional speaker and singer, Neil Pflum uses his own motivational lyrics to introduce important topic points. He then reinforces the message with spoken inspirational speech, and uses exercises to get the audience involved.


  • Lessons Learned from the Big Band Era
  • Problem or Blessing, You Decide
  • Follow Your Dream
  • Live Stress-Free: Now!
  • World Peace is an inside Job
  • Custom Program tailored to fit your needs

Corporate Clients:

Oak Cliff Country Club, Soho Jazz Club, The Magnolia Lounge and the Oak Cliff Society of Fine Arts

Television: "About Town" - a Dallas television series.

Location: Dallas, TX