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Mike Eruzione

Motivational Speaker

Mike Eruzione, motivational speaker



Topics: Teamwork: How to Surmount Obstacles and Win

Mike Eruzione served as captain of the Olympic Gold Medal winning hockey team at the 1980 winter Olympics in Lake Placid. One of the highlights of the game was Eruzione's decisive winning goal against the Soviet Union.

For several years after the Olympic victory in Lake Placid, Mike Eruzione worked in New York and New Jersey as a commentator for the Madison Square Garden.

Currently Mike is serving as director of Development for Boston University Athletics and travels around the country as a public speaker.

Mike is a gifted speaker that will set your audience at ease with his outgoing nature and friendliness. He addresses the issue of team building and leadership as he motivates everyone in the room.

Eruzione and his team's Olympic victory is the subject of the Disney film, Miracle, which was released in 2004.