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Linda Talley

Body Language Expert

Linda Talley, Body Language Expert



Topics: Body Language

Linda Talley offers a wide range of customized thought provoking keynotes and "how-to" seminars to business and association audiences as body language pertains to leadership, sales and customer service.

Her thought-provoking presentations on verbal and non-verbal communication have captured the attention of audiences for close to two decades. When you understand the nuances of body language, you have the competitive advantage in the workplace because your body language is always telling on you.

Her audiences enjoy a step-by-step approach to effective business communication, and customer care using "real life" examples. Linda interprets the non-verbal challenges, frustrations and upsets of the workplace and then offers solutions that can be applied immediately


  • Body Language Blunders Could Cost You Customers!
  • Did You Hear Everything Your Customer Didn't Say?
  • Business Finesse: Dealing With Sticky Situations in the Workplace... or How To Keep Your Cool When Your Rear-end Is on the Line!
  • What Leaders Are Saying When They Say Nothing at All!
  • Because Women Can: 10 Things Women Can Change To Level the Playing Field and Make an Impact in Business
  • The Power of Leadership When It Comes From the Heart Instead of the Head
  • Are You a Whiner or a Winner? Managing Emotions and Thriving Under Pressure
  • Transforming Managers into Leaders and Service Providers into Service Professionals!
  • Experiential Branding, the Ultimate in Customer Care and Revenue Generation!