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Ladonna Gatlin

Baby Sister of the Legendary Gatlin Brothers

Ladonna Gatlin, speaker



Topics: Motivational Speaker

The baby sister of the legendary Gatlin Brothers, LaDonna left a promising career in country music to become one of America's most sought after motivational speakers. Her captivating story is featured in the popular series, "Chicken Soup for the Christian Woman's Soul."

LaDonna believes one defining moment can redefine our lives. She knows firsthand that we can’t live someone else’s dream—that in order to be our personal best, we must find our own song to sing.

She literally grew up on stage singing with her brothers, country music’s legendary Gatlin Brothers. In the early 1970’s the Gatlins took their family harmony to Nashville. But a funny thing happened on the road to stardom. LaDonna got married. At this defining moment, she realized success could be measured in many different ways. So she took a giant leap of faith, chose to follow her heart, and “sing a different song” apart from her brothers.

LaDonna has spent her entire career empowering people to “sing their own song” as well. She inspires audiences to live a value-driven life from the inside out…through their words, their deeds, and their actions.

Her keynotes and concerts put her on the road more than one hundred days per year. She has shared her message everywhere from corporate powerhouses to the prison cells of death row. Her unique ability to combine a strong message and music has made her an instant hit with audiences all across America.