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Jim Carroll

Motivational Speaker

Jim Carroll, keynote speaker




  • Coping With Ketchup: How To Adapt To The New World Of Business
  • A Users Manual For The Future: How To Get Ahead By Embracing Tomorrow, Today
  • Keep The Faith: Motivating Staff In A Time Of Challenge And Change
  • Hackers, Crackers And Crashes: What Companies Must Do To Master Today's Security And Privacy Challenges
  • Life Inside The Data Cloud: A Peek Into The Future Of Our Wireless World
  • Innovating For the Upturn: Growth Strategies for Unleashing Your Potential In the Era of the "New Normal"

As a leading international futurist, trends and innovation expert, Jim Carroll dedicates his time to helping people and organizations understand how they can aggressively adopt tomorrow, today. He excels in helping people and organizations prepare for the future, understand trends, cope with change, or adopt innovative strategies for growth.

Indeed, Jim is a motivational futurist, encouraging people and organizations to embrace the future, rather than shying away from progress because of the failures of the past. An extremely popular keynote speaker, Jim enthralls his audiences with personal stories, detailed facts and extensive customization. Depending on your needs, Jim's keynote presentations and workshops cover topics related to:

  • the future
  • ethics and integrity
  • change
  • motivation
  • innovation
  • technology and e-commerce
  • business strategy
  • customer service/marketing.

Jim is an author with over 30 books to his credit that have sold in excess of 750,000 copies worldwide, including Surviving the Information Age, Light Bulbs to Yottabits and Get a (Digital) Life. As a columnist, he has written over 600 articles for a wide variety of national and international publications, including the Globe & Mail, Successful Meetings and Profit Magazine. As a media commentator, he has provided his views in over 3,000 interviews on radio, television and in print, including CNN, the South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), CEO Magazine Hungary, and the National Post. Jim has deep insight into the evolution of technology, trends in the economy, issues in the workplace, as well as leading edge business strategies and the evolution of society. He combines this insight with entertaining personal stories and observations that help put into perspective how we can excel with a future that is relentless and ever changing.

The most important thing is that Jim works closely with you to ensure that he provides a presentation that delivers value. He knows you have something that needs to be accomplished at your corporate or association meeting or event -- goals to achieve, a message to convey, issues that need to be addressed. He takes the time to understand the unique challenges, opportunities and issues you are facing in your business, association or industry. He then draws upon his wide range of knowledge and material, and conducts extensive online and other research, in order to prepare for your event. He melds this into a customized presentation full of relevant examples, best-case practices, and humorous stories that give results!

Jim Carroll's key message? He provides insight into what the future will hold for your organization, in a humorous, motivational and content-rich presentation that encourages you to grab onto the future -- rather than letting it grab you first!