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Jeff Goodin

Motivational Speaker

Jeff Goodin, motivational speaker Jeff Goodin, motivational speaker



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Programs are designed with the idea that people will remember more if they are entertained.  Jeff Goodin takes advantage of his career as performer and incorporates comedic as well as stunt elements, when space permits, into his school assemblies, church programs and corporate engagements.  Jeff Goodin highlights his own struggles and failures, as well as those of many celebrities he has worked and performed with, to illustrate to the kids that winners are not born they are made.

Jeff's unique background as an acrobat and more than 12 years in the entertainment business gives him an interesting perspective. He began his career as an acrobat and performer touring with the world famous Bud Light Daredevils.  While there, he travelled around the NBA, NCAA (including performing at the Final Four) and internationally, performing their unique acrobatic slam-dunk basketball show.   While with the Daredevils, the Boston Celtics signed Jeff to be the first mascot in the history of the Celtics organization.  Jeff spent two seasons with the Celtics before signing as a mascot with the Dallas Mavericks, where he spent the next eight seasons.

Jeff was a featured performer for the NBA at the annual draft as well as the NBA All-Star game. He also traveled overseas for the NBA to perform for the NBA in Mexico, South America, Philippines, Japan and Europe.

Jeff’s performing credits include some of the most well know venues in the world including Ringling Bros Circus and Sea World Adventure Parks. He has also performed for some of the worlds top companies including Pepsi, Frito Lay, Anheuser Busch, Advocare, Phillips, Gatorade, GTE, Southwest Airlines, LifeTime Fitness and many others. Jeff has recently been a featured speaker for the Dallas Cowboys football club, California American University Beijing in Beijing China, Tim Orth Memorial Foundation in Minnesota, businesses, sports camps, church groups, 100’s of schools, and more.