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Jan McInnis

Speaker, Comedian

Jan McInnis, Speaker


Topics: Finding the Funny in Change
Finding the Funny in Communications

Jan's Humor is Perfect for Business Events!

If you're looking for a fun keynote speaker with PRACTICAL tips, then hire comedian and professional speaker Jan McInnis. Before setting foot on stage, Jan McInnis spent 15 years as a marketing executive . . and her comedy proves it! All of her keynotes include humor on work (from “control-freak" bosses to teambuilding exercises gone awry), family and day-to-day life. Her keynotes are sprinkled with lots of relatable CLEAN humor as Jan was featured in the Wall Street Journal as one of the top convention comedians who is CLEAN (as in no offensive material) and in the Washington Post for her clean comedy writing. Jan can help your group deal with change by using humor in her popular Finding the Funny in Change keynote, or she can help your attendees use humor in their business communications to make their communications memorable, engage their audience, and connect with clients in her Finding the Funny in Communications keynote. And of course if you just want entertainment, Jan can provide it with Cubicle Comedy and her Hilarious Hosting!

Jan Customizes The Show!
One of the most unique features of Jan's keynotes is her ability to customize with information on your group and your event. Jan is the master at developing quick, targeted humor that will connect with your audience immediately. She interviews the group ahead of time, and, schedule permitting, sits in on conference sessions to give a fun "what we learned today" wrap-up.

Jan's A Veteran Speaker and Entertainer!
Jan has spent over 16 years speaking to hundreds of associations and companies (partial list ). . . at conventions, training sessions, fundraisers, employee retreats, banquets and more. . she knows what she's doing.



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