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Dick Cheatham

Dick Cheatham

Topics: Politics, Media, Success and Effective Communications

Presentations include:

  • Effective Communications
  • Leadership, As if it really mattered
  • The Secret to Success....Really
  • What Reporters, Historians, and Other Experts Do and How.
  • American Elections in the 21st Century

Dick Cheatham, professional speaker, historian and writer brings fresh perspective to his topics.  Dick, formerly a school teacher, museum educator and television reporter, has made thousands of presentations to all sorts of groups over the past fourteen years. In addition to these presentations, he has appeared on the BBC and The Learning Channel, has been interviewed on Entertainment Tonight and the Voice of America and is appearing in several PBS series this year.

For over 17 years, Dick Cheatham's memorable impersonations of important Americans have been enjoyed throughout the United States and internationally.



Three Centuries of American Heroes
(Portrayed by Richard Cheatham - Member, National Speakers Association)

Pocahontas’ Husband John Rolfe - Savior of the English Colony Virginia (that became the USA) through entrepreneurial profit and service in America’s first democratic body based upon the Magna Carta and English Common Law (performed by an actual grandson of Pocahontas & John Rolfe fourteen generations later) - 1621


Pocahontas, Salvation in Skins
Perseverance and Profit or Carrots and Sticks
Roots of Liberty

Richard Henry Lee - Radical patriot for liberty and independence who made (not wrote) the declaration of independence on 7 June 1776 and worked with fellow radicals Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, George Mason and others - 1793


Captain Meriwether Lewis - Staunch anti-Federalist and Presidential Secretary who shared Jefferson’s vision of an “Empire of Liberty” and expanded it all the way to the Pacific in one of the world’s greatest recorded expeditions - 1804 - 1806




President John Tyler - Courageous and principled Jeffersonian willing to sacrifice his political career to defend the Constitution and the free market who established in the 1840s important precedents for all future Presidents - 1845

President of Precedents
Defender of the Constitution
Last of the Jeffersonians