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Dave Sherman

The Networking Guy

Dave Sherman - The Networking Guy




  • Success is Just a Handshake Away - how to make REAL connections with the people you meet
  • Turning Casual Contacts into Potential Prospects - The 3 steps for engaging people into a conversation about your business.
  • Creating A Connection Without Saying A Word - learn what it takes to always send the best non verbal message.
  • Overcoming Your Obstacles to Creating Connections - program looks at the 'whys' behind all the fears and discomforts about making meaningful connections, helps increase confidence when making new connections.
  • The Greatest Myths of Networking

Dave Sherman is a nationally recognized speaker, trainer, and writer who has inspired thousands of people.

Dave relates that 'what most people currently see as networking isn't really networking at all. It's prospecting, and there is a HUGE difference between the two. Networking is being a valuable business and personal resource for others and EXPECTING NOTHING IN RETURN. Simply put, networking is giving! The people that give the most of themselves are the ones who will receive the most.'

Dave will challenge everything you know about networking. His vast business and leadership experience translates into passionate, humorous, and thought-provoking presentations that will instruct you professionally, tough you personally, and inspire you to network like never before.