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Daryl Johnston

Daryl Johnston, Speaker



Topics: Football, Golf, Motivation

The Dallas Cowboys fullback was first given the name Moose several years ago by quarterback Babe Laufenberg, now a commentator during game broadcasts for the team. Johnston's road to "Moosedom" began at a team meeting.

"We had all these 5-foot-9 running backs at the time - all little guys", Laufenberg said. "Daryl was in the back of the pack when they came in, and I said something like, 'Look at all the deer, and there's a big ol' moose behind them.'"

Though Cowboys radio announcer Brad Sham described Johnston as "the magnificent Caribou" during one game, the "Moose" name stuck, and numerous calls for the large antler-bearing mammal would be heard during home and road games. The nickname has spawned T-shirts, foam antlers and other Moose-abilia.

Daryl has helped raise funds for a program called "The Reading Team" to support literacy groups in Texas and has appeared on the PBS children's television show Wishbone to promote literacy. In addition he hosts a weekly radio show on KRLD (1080 AM) during the season called "The Moose Call" and is a national sportscastor for Fox Sports