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It's more than just a show. Motivational Mind Reading blends motivational and inspirational messages with mind blowing mentalism effects - making the messages more memorable and the mind reading more powerful. For the corporate world it's the perfect combination.

The formula is 60% entertainment and 40% message, and C.J. will work with your group to meet your specific goals for your event.

Best of all, when used as a wrap up to a day (or week) of intense training, CJ sends everyone home smiling, thinking, talking, and with a wonderfully presented message about putting the information learned to work when they get back home. This makes his show the perfect wrap up to your corporate retreat.

His "Funda-MENTALs" program focuses on key points for success in various areas of our lives. It draws attention to, and reinforces topics that we've all heard before, but may not be using to their full potential. As a serious "student of success" for more than 25 years, C.J. has read hundreds of books, attended countless seminars and listened to thousands of hours of success and motivational audio programs - and the KEY POINTS that these programs seem to all have in common are the basis for this 1 hour excursion into the power of the human potential.

There has never been a time that mentalism (mind reading) has been more in the public consciousness. NBC's Phenomenon, Derren Brown's TV specials, Mindfreak and more have created some awareness about an art form that has been around for a long, long time, but that until recently had been ignored in the mainstream culture.

Take advantage of mentalism's popularity and use C.J.'s experience of over 20 years to drive home messages at your event in a unique, novel and memorable way.

Of course, C.J. can always present an "Evening of Mind Reading" without messages to give your group some great, intellectually stimulating and fun entertainment.

Here are a few of the topics C.J. can focus on at your event.

Programs include:

Funda-MENTALs is C.J.'s most popular program. It is so engaging and relevant that 90% of all clients choose this stunning program. This keynote address and entertainment combination focuses on the 5 key principles that C.J. has culled from thousands of hours of seminars, books on tape, reading and his personal life and business experiences. These are the five principles that experts agree on and that come up in just about every classic piece of literature on success. These are the fundamentals of high performance in business, personal life, personal finance, health and time management and their core messages apply across all areas of life. C.J. calls it the "Funda-MENTALs" because just like professional athletes practice the fundamentals of their sports at EVERY practice, these fundamentals of success MUST BE practiced on a daily basis to be successful in life.

The Power of W.I.T. (Whatever It Takes) focuses on the committment to your customers/clients to deliver on your promises by "Whatever It Takes". This is the attitude that has prompted C.J. to be prepared to buy a car to make it to an engagement when no rental cars were available anywhere in the area where his plane arrived and he had to make it to the event. It's absolutely amazing what you can accomplish when you refuse to accept the idea that failure is an option.

The Best Way to Predict Your Future is by CREATING IT! - This program focuses on the amazing power of goal setting. Setting specific, relevant and time sensitive goals is the single most powerful event one can do to become successful. It's not metaphysical - but it is the closest thing that C.J. has ever seen to real magic in our world. Your people will be engaged in several exercises and their goals are written down as their first steps on the path to personal excellence. Meeting planners LOVE this amazing, enlightening and uplifting program.

Mind your Time - There are key steps that high performers take to accomplish more in the time they have available. There's a reason for the saying "want something done, ask a busy person to do it." The busy people have mastered how to use their time to its maximum effect. "Mind your time" uses mentalism effects that have themes that reinforce effect time management skills. It's finally a speech where you'll have a great TIME!

Don't stress it! - C.J.'s years of experience as one of the top hypnotic performers in the country taught him a lot about relaxation and stress relief. Specific examples of how to deal with stress and anxiety are taught, and the value of LAUGHTER is key to ridding yourself of stress.

Customized Keynotes - What are the topics you'd like addressed by your keynote speaker? C.J. can, in most cases, customize his presentation to meet your specific needs of topic. Give him a call to find out how he can implant YOUR MESSAGE into the minds of your audience.

C.J. is a meeting planners dream. He's easy to work with, flexible, knowledgeable, experienced and highly entertaining - which means that the audience will be listening!



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