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Bob Arno

Identify Theft Expert & Pickpocket Entertainer

Bob Arno - Identify Theft Expert & Pickpocket Entertainer




  • Global Issues
  • Safety/Security/Crime
  • Identity Theft
  • Corporate Comedians
  • Entertainment w/ Message


  • Thefts, Cons, and Street Scams - lecture
  • The Art of the Steal - interactive comedy

As a lifelong observer of human social signals, Bob Arno's skill at "reading people" steers him on stage and off. His ability to decipher body language has enabled him to identify and track actual thieves out in the real world and capture their crimes on film. Bob’s presentations, complete with demos and comedy, were so well-received by the U.S. Military that he took his "act" into show business. Today, Arno’s lecture-show has been seen by millions all over the world.

Criminologist Bob Arno is co-author (with his wife, Bambi Vincent) of Travel Advisory!: How to Avoid Thefts, Cons, and Street Scams While Traveling, published by Bonus Books in June 2003.

Illustrated with demonstrations, brought to life with video, and peppered with anecdotes, Arno’s upbeat presentation teaches awareness and how to spot suspicious behavior.Talks are tailored for specific audiences according to travel sophistication level, and may be general or customized for particular itineraries. Usually, the world’s favorite tourist destinations are covered.

For each country and city discussed, Arno defines the creative ruses used to con or rob a tourist and shows video examples of actual incidents. Each MO is admirable for its sheer deviousness. For instance, some thieves sidle up to potential victims for a few friendly soccer maneuvers; others help clean off fake pigeon poop which they’d sneakily applied earlier; one proffers postcards for sale; another impersonates a policeman. In all cases, they end up with the victims’ wallets. Audiences are taught when to accept the assistance of a good samaritan, and when to set alarm bells ringing.

Arno also covers public transportation, hotel security, luggage precautions, identity theft and, perhaps most importantly, how to prepare for the unexpected loss of credit cards and important documents.

In his exposé show, The Art of the Steal, Bob, demonstrating his spectacular brand of classic thievery, reveals the sly tricks of pickpockets plying city streets worldwide. A few minutes of exclusive video footage showing actual pickpockets informs, amazes, and preludes Bob's surprising take on how it really happens—with a comedy twist. This is a full hour of innovative, unique, and hilarious pickpocket entertainment, free of fluff and padding. It's pure entertainment, with a take-away lesson.