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Ben Glenn

The Chalkguy

Ben Glenn, the chalkguy Ben Glenn, the chalkguy



  • The Power of Synergy
  • Winning the Thought Battle; Breaking through the Success Plateau
  • The Chalkguy Experience
  • The Power of Generosity

Ben Glenn's story about growing up Learning Disabled is one that he has shared with thousands inspiring people to have a greater appreciation for their unique talents and abilities.  His humorous speeches are filled with personal stories and encouragement for people to live a life based on self-knowledge, personal responsibilty and a positive attitude.

Not only is Ben a great speaker, but he is also an artist.  Ben's struggle with traditional learning led him to discover a love of art.  Ben includes a dynamic, live art demonstration that always impresses audiences.  He always manages to tie his message with the drawing. The integration of the speech with his drawing firmly plants the message into the minds of his audience.

Ben is a professional and has made over a thousand keynote speeches in his career. He will work with you to make your event as successful as possible.



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