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Amanda Gore

Motivational Speaker

Amanda Gore, motivational speaker




  • Lead Out Loud!
    • The Heart of Leadership
    • The Leading Edge Leader
    • Putting the Heart and Fun Back into Business
    • The Corporate Community
  • Live Out Loud!
    • Balancing Acts!
    • Get a life
    • How to stay sane until the psychiatrist arrives
    • Stress Busters
  • You can't change a customer's attitude - but you can change yours!
    • Beyond Customer Service
    • How to love your customers
    • Do you want Partners or customers?
  • Communicate your way to Success
    • Communicating between the Sexes
    • Put the Zing Back in Your Fling!
    • Brain Sex

A powerful keynote speaker and workshop presenter, Amanda Gore is brilliant at kick starting a conference or closing an event and sending participants off on an emotional high. She is energetic, funny, and a master at group dynamics. Amanda is known for her commitment to constant research and updating her own skills and information. Consequently, she always delivers new, fresh and dynamic presentations.

She holds a degree in physiotherapy, a major in psychology and is a master practitioner of neurolinguistics. Amanda is the author of three books, several audio and video learning programs, and a frequent radio and TV presenter.

With her multi-faceted expertise, Amanda Gore explores the mind-body connection, teaching audiences how to reduce stress, improve communication, build personal and professional relationships, and develop teams of collaborative and trusting colleagues.

An engaging presenter, Amanda knows that people absorb information more effectively when they are also having fun. She specializes in using interesting and amusing life stories to illustrate her points, tailoring her material to suit your conference theme and your objectives. More importantly, perhaps, she has a unique ability to entertain, educate and involve simultaneously.

Amanda’s fascination is with what makes people feel and behave in certain ways and how can they create professional and personal lives that are successful and fulfilling. People often don't have the information or knowledge to make informed choices to achieve their goals and dreams. She offers strategies to motivate ourselves to action, improve our performance, relationships, and ability to think in new and creative ways.

If building bonds among your team is important, Amanda will be an incredible addition to your event. During the course of Amanda’s presentation, participants will be laughing and talking to one another, and will leave with a renewed understanding of how they can appreciate each others’ strengths and effectively work together.