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Robin Williams
Impersonator & Lookalike

Robin Williams impersonator & lookalike


Promotions  • Corporate Events  • Fund Raisers

Make your next corporate event, awards banquet, trade show, fundraiser, sophisticated party or advertising promotion a hit by having "Robin Williams" be part of the entertainment. This talented lookalike is wonderful at meeting and greeting your guests. You can even arrange to provide your guests with photos taken with "Robin Williams" as souvenirs. He looks, talks and acts like the real performer and is a perfect complement to any special event.

Some events you may want to consider "Robin Williams" for:

Trade Show and Convention Show Gatherer - need someone to stop trade show traffic from passing by your booth? Robin Williams is so popular and well know to all segments of the  American population and to all international attendees that there is always a line of people waiting to have their  picture taken with him to take home with them to show their families. 

Product Presenter for trade and convention shows. - This lookalike can create the crowd, entertain the crowd, present the product, direct the crowd as per the instructions of the buyers and then hold the crowd with picture taking and one on one comedy until the buyers can get to them all.

Party Walk-around character - His "hugh arsenal of one on one comedy" allows him to go from person to person or table to table to have an absolutely funfilled banter with the guests. You have to see it to believe it.

Master of Ceremonies - All of this lookalike's varied talents allow him to keep any type of show or presentation ceremony "moving" by virtually removing all dead time and causing the presentation to "seemlessly evolve" regardless of the complexity or changeablility of the script.