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Mark Twain impersonator & lookalike

Mark Twain impersonator & lookalike

Promotions  • Corporate Events  • Fund Raisers

This talented Mark Twain impersonator has shows for adult audiences, K-12 students and students of Theatre. 

His adult show is a thought-provoking piece intended as an entertainment for people who like to think

Mark Twain's show for young audiences (ages 8-16) are designed to inspire reading and inquiry.

Corporate Entertainment:

If you are looking for an for an after dinner speaker, a host or MC hire one of the most intelligent, articulate, iconic personalities in American History (Mark Twain) to introduce another speaker, or give an original, thought-provoking, humorous speech for your event.

Corporate Team Building:

Have "Mark Twain" one of the best loved icons in American History help build your organizational effectiveness

Trade Shows

Have "Mark Twain" help build traffic at your booth. As an inventor, investor, technophile, spokesman for hundreds of causes, and humorist, Twain was the consummate promoter


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