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Garth Brooks
Impersonator & Lookalike

Garth Brooks impersonator & lookalike

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A talented musician, Dean started playing guitar at the young age of seven - strumming his guitar with his dad and his band.

By 1992 Garth Brooks was King and Dean found himself learning and loving Garth’s brand of music. Dean then set his sights on paying tribute to this modern country music giant. By studying the songs, concert footage and music videos, not only could he perform Garth’s music, but he was also able to emulate his mannerisms, the walk, the talk, even the laugh.

In 1994, Dean began his career as a Garth Brooks tribute artist and has since become one of the most sought-after acts in the industry.

While the real Garth Brooks is enjoying his retirement with his family in Oklahoma, Dean, aka GarthGuy, now celebrates 15 years of giving audiences across the country the best representation of what they might never get to see, "Garth Brooks, Live.”


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