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Surfin Safari
Beach Boys Tribute

Surfin Safari - Beach Boys Tribute


Music: Beach Boys Tribute

SURFIN’ SAFARI is a faithful re-creation of what it would have been like to see The Beach Boys live, in concert, in their prime. The incomparable beauty of their vocal harmonies, the crashing back beat of Dennis Wilson’s drums, the soaring surf guitar of Carl Wilson, and the genius of Brian Wilson’s music are all here. The uniband choreography, the Fender guitar line up, the famous custom striped shirts, right down to the black suede Beach Boys boots. It’s all here.

SURFIN’ SAFARI has taken great care to preserve the honor and integrity of the music of the Beach Boys and delivers a show that will leave you with a mile wide smile, a jump in your step, and a feeling of joy in your heart.

SURFIN’ SAFARI was created out of a love for the Beach Boys and the happiness their music provides. Let us provide you with a great show, a great time, and fun, fun, fun till our Daddy takes the T-bird away.