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Santana Tribute Band

Supernatural - Santana Tribute Band Supernatural - Santana Tribute Band

Music: Santana Tribute Band

Somewhere in the world, everyone has a twin. Carlos Santana’s twin is Don Masters. From the legendary guitar wizardry to the amazing physical and visual attributes, Don Masters has captured the image that is Carlos Santana. Nowhere in the world is there anyone else bearing such and incredible likeness to the genius of Carlos Santana. Along with world-class musicians from around the globe, Supernatural the Ultimate Tribute to Santana reincarnates the musical, spiritual, and visual event that is Carlos Santana. Absolutely everyone is believing with out a doubt, Carlos Santana indeed has a twin.

Supernatural is a MUST SEE TRIBUTE to the world renowned Musical and spiritual master. Everyone is eagerly awaiting the return of an experience that is no less than, SUPERNATURAL.



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