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Music: High energy electric string quartet

Stringfever; a talented group of musicians has an amazing show featuring five and six stringed electric violins, called violectras, a viola, and a cello.  Imagine seeing and listening to Stringfever’s acclaimed version of “Bolero,” with all four members of the group playing one cello at the same time.

The band keeps the high energy dynamics going by challenging the audience to "name that tune".  The tunes include 20 of the most popular film theme songs, including a rousing rendition of a “007, James Bond medley.” The fantastic culmination of the show is the group’s signature finale, “The History of Music . . . in 5 minutes.”

The unique instruments and charismatic personalities of the members of the group make Stringfever a truly unique and unforgettable musical experience.

Catch the fever and find the cure with Stringfever, a truly unique musical experience!


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