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Stone Free Experience
Jimi Hendrix Tribute

Stone Free Experience - Jimi Hendrix Tribute

Music: Jimi Hendrix Tribute

Stone Free Experience, is the ulitimate Jimi Hendrix revue. Led by guitar virtuoso Dani Robyns, Stone Free Experience plays exciting, authentic renditions of the Hendrix catalog, complete with the retro tones and clothing of the era.

Interest in the late great guitarist has never been higher. At a recent Stone Free Experience gig at Soho supper club in Santa Barbara, Dani Robyns noticed college kids in the front row singing along to hits such as "Fire", "Crosstown Traffic" and "The Wind Cries Mary" as well as more obscure tracks such as "Up From The Skies" and "Can You See Me"....and most surprisingly they knew all the words! Also in attendance that evening were baby boomers that grew up with Hendrix. It was quite a sight to see them standing on the chairs to get a closer look as well as mixing it up in the front row with kids half their age. Afterwards Stone Free Experience bass player Phil Gibson was conversing with a couple who thanked the band for taking them back in time. Needless to say Stone Free Experience made alot of friends that evening and one point in particular was evident, the music of Jimi Hendrix is truly a multi-generational family affair.

Further proof of the Hendrix resurgence can be found at your neighborhood Starbucks, where they are selling a Jimi Hendrix compilation along with the lattes, cappucinos and muffins. Also, on a recent trip to the trendy Hollywood music store "Amoeba Music", Stone Free Experience drummer Mark Morrow noticed the Hendrix classic CD "Are You Experienced" featured in the stores "recommended listening and must have" display bin alongside the most current MTV buzz bands. Today, the Hendrix influence is everywhere, t-shirts, posters, concert DVDs and biographies are making the rounds and groovy 60's style clothing is currently making a splash with this generation's fashion conscious youth.

Stone Free Experience is currently available to play concerts, clubs, festivals, casinos and corporate parties. Don't miss the chance to witness this exciting band live. The DVD was filmed live at the world famous "Whiskey" in Hollywood.



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