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Music: Rock to Classical with a twist

Rockestra is a music experience of epic proportions! The super group was founded by world-renowned cellist, Buffi Jacobs of Polyphonic Spree and is known for their high energy and dynamic performances. Rockestra incorporates vast musical knowledge and instrument mastery into a truly unique musical experience for every audience. The group is available as a duo, trio, quartet or a full on rock ensemble.

World-class musicians who have played with the likes of Kanye West, Transiberian Orchestra, Herbie Hancock, and Imogen Heap and graced the biggest stages, screens, and studios come together seamlessly in Rockestra. Because each musician is a master of performance art, they are fully equipped with the ability to read the energy of your audience and play to it, creating a truly unforgettable event.

From rock to classical with a twist, Rockestra brings an edgy style to their performances that isn't seen or heard anywhere else. With fully customizable music, instrumentation and costume, there are no limits to the atmosphere Rockestra can create for your event.

When you're ready for more than just a band, you're ready for Rockestra!



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