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Riley Wilson

Riley Wilson

Music: Top 40, Rock, and Country

Riley Wilson is a professional voice talent, recording commercial and industrial voiceovers. Riley also performs solo gigs, duo dates with Think Twice, and with the trio Sojourn.

Riley Wilson, a native of Shreveport, Lousiana, began playing guitar at age 10.  Frustrated with teachers from the local music store, he began teaching himself.  Once he turned 13, he earned money by playing guitar with various groups.  Riley turned professional at age 18 and worked with various Top 40, rock, and country groups while earning a communications degree at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Riley has taught privately since 1985 and written for several publications, including Electronic Musician, Gig, Guitar World, Guitar School and Reel to Real. His "Gigmeister" column has appeared in VG since 1993. He is the author of Guitar Made Simpler, a guitar method that is the product of 20 years full-time teaching expertise.


Music Samples

Blue Bossa




A Little Less Talk




Sultans Solo