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Reflections in Black

Reflections in Black, Johnny Cash Tribute

Music: Johnny Cash Tribute

Daryl Weyman puts on a dynamic performance with his tribute to Johnny Cash.  For Daryl Weyman, there is no greater rush than uttering, "HELLO, I'm Johnny Cash."

His frank baritone voice has an eerie similarity to the late "Man in Black". They also share that old rugged cowboy look. Daryl, a long distance truck driver who now spends "six days on the road," likes nothing better than to step up and sing his tribute songs and meeting people along the way.

As one of the original members of the Blue Ridge Dancers, people often told him that he looked and sounded like Johnny Cash. So when the opportunity presented itself in 1986, he began singing his tribute to the country music icon. Daryl states. "It is a real rush to bring so much pleasure to so many people."



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