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Purple Reign

Purple Reign, Prince Tribute Band

Music: Prince Tribute Band

Paying tribute to one of the greatest artists of our time - Purple Reign.

Founded by Jason Tenner in 1997, Purple Reign consists of world class entertainers and musicians Chris Lukes - Drums, Anthony Pickett- Bass, Bridgett Tenner - Percussion and Vocals, Michael ( Mico ) Lane - Keyboards & Musical Direction, Chris Lane - Guitar, Sythe Cameron - as Morris Day, Stephen Miller - as Jerome Benton, Adrienne Kramer - as Diamond "on the dancin feet", and Jason Tenner as Prince.

In 2001 Purple Reign became headliners of the mini showroom at the Boardwalk Casino, and according to a Nov. 2006 article in What's On magazine "almost singlehandedly" kept the property alive for years. While there, they expanded on their vision and theme using the classic film "Purple Rain" as inspiration , and incorporated the celebrity characters Morris Day and Jerome Benton of "The Time". The new show segment added a wildly entertaining and upbeat dimension that rings just as true to the original artists and character details that have made the show a success.

Upon the Boardwalks closing in Jan. of 2006 to make way for the new City Center Project, Purple Reign returned to larger venues at the Monte Carlo Brew Pub, The Chrome Showroom in the Santa Fe Station and The House of Blues at Mandalay Bay. 2006 also saw Purple Reign get a landslide 190 out of 200 votes and receive the award for best Tribute Artist Show by the Black Music Association of Las Vegas adding to their previous 2005 and 2006 honors of being voted in the top 3 visitors choice for best lounge act in the What's On Las Vegas Magazine. The LA Weekly also deemed the show among the "16 Things You Can't Afford To Miss In Vegas".



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