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Phonophreaks Collective

Phonophreaks Collective



Music: Soulful, Jazzy, and Latin music

Founded in 2001, The “Phonophreaks Collective” is a brand fusion incorporating top DJs and renowned live musicians.

This cool and eclectic brand of sound fuses together an uplifting mix of fun, Soulful, Jazzy Latin music vibes perfect for a fresh approach to any stylish affair. Each performance is always fresh and never the same!

Phonophreaks can set the stage for a smooth, sexy and sophisticated evening or get the crowd moving their derrières to swingin Latin rhythms at any moment. Now 10 years in the making, the Phonophreaks sound has continually broken musical boundaries and become a favorite of all types of audiences from Dallas to Miami!

Stop noise pollution, book Phonophreaks for your next event and enjoy! The Phonofreaks Collective has a wide variety of DJ’s and musicians that can proudly be called upon at any time.

Location: Dallas, TX