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Phat Strad

Phat Strad

Music: Classical and Classic Rock and Popular tunes

Phat Strad is an international cast of classically trained, beautiful women playing futuristic electronic instruments with an industrial strength techno groove. Their dymanic performances will keep your audience entertained and wanting more.

Phat Strad performs popular music as a string quartet.  These talented musicians are are also available as a double quartet, a symphony (band and quartet) or as a traditional classical quartet and strolling.

Although best know for their classic rock mashup performance style, Phat Strad's incredible versatility has filled their show calendar with gala dinners, awards shows, rock concerts, ritzy receptions, premieres, convention general session openers, celebrity parties, grand openings, exotic locations and over-the-top extravaganzas.

Phat Strad has its own unique musical style. They take a great song, create an original arrangement for string quartet, produce an accompanying Phat club groove recorded in their own studio, add guitar pedals, throw in some incredible chops and performance flair, and BAM! You have the distinctly original musical product that is Phat Strad.

Phat Strad's unique and energetic show is both musically and visually appealing to audiences of all ages.


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Music Samples

Phat Strad Music Sample


Phat Strad Music Sample



Partial Song List

Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo
More Than a Feeling
Sunshine Of Your Love
25 Or 6 To Four
Brandenburg Concerto
Baba O’Riley
Dream On
Mississippi Queen

Back In The U.S.S.R
Moon River,
Piano Man
Spirit Of The Radio
Eine Kleine Nachtmuzik
Bittersweet Symphony