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Mark Shelton

Mark Shelton

Music: Solo percussionist - classical, jazz, folk, and pop

In his one-man show, Mark draws upon a background that includes classical, folk, pop, jazz, gospel, ethnic, and new music to create an engaging collage with wide audience appeal. Mark entertains (and educates) with a hip, fast-paced style, as he romps and stomps his way through an arsenal of percussion paraphernalia including marimba, doumbec, bones, bodhran, cajon, hammered dulcimer, Hang, and even some "body music."

Audiences will enjoy the sounds of over a dozen instruments in a performance that blends influences from classical, jazz, folk, and pop. Mark seeks that connection with the audience with stories and jokes that pepper the evening as he moves from four mallets to two drumsticks to bare hands.

A marimba soloist since the early 80’s, Mark performed works from the standard literature, but as his career progressed, he began to seek a more personal repertoire. Original compositions and improvisations including his recently published, “Atrium Dance,” are featured in his current list of works.

Desiring a fresh melodic voice, Mark began to play the Hang, a recently developed instrument from Switzerland that combines steel pan sounds with hand drumming technique. Audiences will love “Luminous Lagoon” as bare hands coax out the ethereal sounds of the Hang.

The high energy / fast-paced performance style is balanced with a dose of down home anecdotes drawn from Mark’s rural west Tennessee roots and years as a sideman, bandleader, and soloist.

Bring the whole's for the drummer in all of us!


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Amazing Grace