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Kissmania, Kiss Tribute Band

Music: Kiss Tribute Band

Kissmania is an authentic band paying tribute to 1977 Kiss. Kissmania's goal is to get the true hard core kiss fans out of their homes and come re-live the 1970s. The talented musicians comprising Kissmania include a Simmons whose vocals and stage presence will knock you back into your seat, a Paul with the high, raspy powerful voice and that divine dichotomy of sensitivity and roughness he once was, a truly spaced out Ace and a real volatile Peter Criss.

Kissmania is a professionally trained group of musicians performing an authentic 70's Kiss tribute. Kissmania uses costumes and stage props fashioned directly from the patterns of those created for Kiss in 1977.  Their attention to detail has helped them capture and recreate Kiss - both musically and visually. 

Kissmania has staged performances across the united states and canada with highly profitable results.  Kissmania has done numerous interviews and tv performances worldwide on shows such as "espn sports center" and "nbc last call with Carson Daly."

Kissmania puts the word hard back into rock.



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