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Jim's Jazz Band

Jim's Jazz Band

Music: Traditional jazz

Jim's Jazz Band, a traditional jazz band, out of Fort Worth, Texas plays play all the dixieland tunes from the old jazz era.

The jazz that Jim's Jazz Band performs dates back to the early nineteen hundreds when jazz was called "jass". Even before people came up with the "jass" name, a couple of names that were popular were "The Blues" and "The Blue New Orleans Sound". Jim's Jazz Band holds the traditions of this jazz together in the sounds of the songs they play.

Size Jim's Jazz Band to fit your needs as a sextet, quintet, quartet, or trio. Jim's Jazz Band performs at restaurants, nightclubs, festivals, corporate events, and private parties. We can help your party swing with THE OLD JAZZ of the Thirties.  A happy music for happy times.

A roaring jazz band: Jim's Roaring Jazz Band has a three front horn section with a trio rhythm section - simply great for the nightclub atmosphere.

A budget quintet: You get the great roaring jazz band without the trombone.

A mellow quartet: Jim's Jazz Band can perform a fine easy listening blues of the traditional jazz arena. The mellow quartet consists of clarinet, bass, drums, and piano or banjo. Perfect for a cozy gathering.

A strolling trio: Jim's Jazz Strolling Trio will be glad to provide you with the best "classic jazz" at your next affair as "a strolling trio" moving from one location to another highlighting your idea of a good bash.


Music Samples



Poor Butterfly


There'll Be Some Changes Made