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Hot Rocks
Rolling Stones Tribute Band

Hot Rocks - Rolling Stones Tribute Band Hot Rocks - Rolling Stones Tribute Band


Music: Rolling Stones Tribute Band

Another tribute band you say, not quite. This is the only tribute band that can actually say they look like the Rolling Stones two icons; Mick and Keith. When performing on stage their lead singer ( Bob Wotherspoon ) could be mistaken for old Mick Jagger himself and quite often is, while lead guitarist ( Gerry Parsons ) also looks like Keith Richards.

Their on stage energy, along with frequent costume changes to reflect the many stages of the Stones musical history is a refreshing change from many tribute bands who only capture the music and nothing else. These guys are the Stones for their performance and it certainly shows through.

The current band member line up includes lead singer Bob Wotherspoon (Mick Jagger), lead guitarist Gerry Parsons (Keith Richards), guitarist The Fabulous Frankie Fontaine (Ron Wood), bass guitarist Tommy Groome who also looks like Mick Jagger ( Bill Wyman ), drummer Mike Keena (Charlie Watts) Along with Eugene Burda on keyboards and saxaphone player Steve Guy. Like the Stones they often have other people on stage with them such as the well vocalized back up singers.