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Havana NRG

Havana NRG

Music: Latin Band

Havana N.R.G. is a dynamic band, one full of "energy" that makes people swing their hips and turn in a frenzy on the dance floors of the city's venues

During their first 2-plus years in Dallas, it was these talented musicians set the city ablaze with  their Salsa, Merengue, Cha-cha-chas and other Latin rhythms.  Havana NRG! manages to be always fresh, jumpy, and fun. The music captures your attention immediately and you cannot resist automatically movingyour feet.

The members of Havana NRG include Mariela, who not only plays the piano and the violin but is also a vocalist and the bands musical director.  Maiquel, vocalist and one of the meanest trumpet players between Havana and Los Angeles. Mariela and Maiquel are masterfully supported by Ramon on bass and vocals, Ivan on timbales and vocals, Chencho on trombone, Mauricio on congas, Jeff on saxophone and flute, and Willie on bongo and minor Latin percussion.

Havana NRG will impress you with their clean collective sound — and will get your guests out on the dance floor.

Location: Dallas, TX



Music Samples

Demo 1


Demo 2