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Gordon McLeod

Gordon McLeod, Irish Fiddle Music

Music: Irish fiddle music, reggae-tinged pop, ballads, story songs

Gordon McLeod has a lifelong love of all types of music. He has been playing professionally since his teens and has performed all over the United States as well as abroad. He is an accomplished violinist (or is that fiddler?) and performs live with the popular celtic flavored band Beyond The Pale, The Aisling String Trio and the duo McLeod Nine, as well as working as a studio musician. Gordon is also an expert guitarist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Besides being a specialist in Irish fiddle music, Gordon writes original contemporary songs and music in a variety of styles from reggae-tinged pop to moving ballads to roots oriented story songs. His music has been described as Sting meets The Band.


Music Samples



Holdin Out For You


The Fiddle King