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David Bowie Tribute

David Bowie Tribute

Music: David Bowie Tribute band

This live tribute to British pop/rock legend David Bowie is an uncanny recreation of the music and the magic of one of popular music's most influential and innovative superstars. Together with the considerable talents of an amazing backup band, David recreates the greatest moments of Bowie's constantly metamorphosing career - a career that has bridged more than three decades, and helped shape an entire generation of stars that would follow.

Whether they launch into show stopping versions of dancefloor mega-hits like Fame, Young Americans, Let's Dance and China Girl - or deliver spine tingling renditions of glitter rock anthems like Changes and Rebel Rebel ... the Band transports today's audiences through some of the most exciting moments in the history of Rock and Roll. In the midst of all of the fun, one thing becomes very clear... David Bowie brought excitement and adventure back to the entertainment world in the '70's, '80's and '90's.

Experience Bowie's miraculous transformation from space-aged rock idol, to polished mainstream media star... and the timeless classics that forever changed the face of pop culture with this tribute to the most electrifying performer of our time.



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David Bowie Tribute David Bowie Tribute