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Autumn Barr

Autumn Barr

Music: Blues, Classic Rock

For over 10 years Autumn Barr and her band have been entertaining the Dallas-Fort Worth music scene with her singing - an eclectic mix of blues styles and classic rock which she uniquely interprets.

Growing up in a small town just North of Austin, Texas, Autumn Barr found her way to the stage at the age of 9 and began performing all over Central Texas. At the age of 13 the opportunity for national television arose when she auditioned for Star Search. Autumn won a spot on the weekly show and went on to win for 6 consecutive weeks and secured a spot in the semifinals. While singing was her first love, she also began acting and modeling and thrust her career in a new direction. National commercials for Southwest Airlines, voice-overs for McDonalds, and a layout in Hair Magazine made her face and voice recognizable and propelled her further. The summer bef cult classic Dazed & Confused. 

At the age of 17 Autumn formed her first band and began playing all the top clubs and society parties for the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. She has opened for acts from Ray Charles to Martina McBride.

Autumn Barr's presence is dynamic and soulful. Her ensemble generally consisting of an accoustic guitar player and keyboard player.  She is one of Texas’ finest artists and a force to be reckoned with on the music scene.


Music Samples

The Joker




Evil Ways