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Aisling String Trio

Aisling String Trio

Music: Celtic airs, light classical favorites  and American folk melodies

The Aisling String Trio performs stately, beautiful Celtic airs, light classical favorites  and American folk melodies on violin, cello and guitar. Comprised of three seasoned professional musicians who perform in a variety of styles, this trio has the talent and experience to  lend that special something to any important event. Aisling means "dream" in Irish Gaelic. The Aisling String Trio has a broad repertoire including many beautiful and unusual pieces from the Celtic traditions as well as light classical favorites and standards. The Aisling String Trio also performs spirited jigs and reels, light jazz, world music and selected contemporary standards.

The band consists of three talented musicians:  Gordon McLeod, Dirje Smith and Christy McLeod.

Gordon McLeod has been playing professionally since his teens and has performed all over the United States as well as abroad. He is an accomplished violinist (and fiddler) and performs live as well as working as a studio musician. Gordon is also an expert guitarist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist but concentrates mainly on the violin,  specializing in Celtic tradional music.

Dirje Smith, cellist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, is a natural musician whose joy in making music comes through in every note. She is a cellist for all seasons, at home with many musical genres.

Christy McLeod has been performing since her teens. Her natural love of music and joy in sharing it with others is obvious. In addition to her work on guitar, she is also a skilled vocalist and percussionist.


Music Samples

Lily's Waltz


O'Carolans Concerto


Lord Inchiqui