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The Tweaksters

The Tweaksters acrobatic dance and juggling


Act: Acrobatic Dance and artistic juggling

The Tweaksters innovative mix of acrobatic dance and artistic juggling blends pure athletic creativity with odd objects in a rhythmic, whimsical performance designed to tweak and delight audiences of all ages

From ping-pong air raids to glow-in-the-dark illusions to skillful feats of strength and balance, this pulse-quickening adventure keeps audiences oohing and aahing. The Tweaksters use their athletic prowess and fertile imaginations to deftly manipulate flower pots, meteors, luminescent ropes and galvanized pipes -- not to mention each other -- tweaking all the way.

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Clients: Caterpillar, HP Computers, Farmers Insurance, Schlumberger, Warner Bros., Wellpoint Health, Subaru, Merck, Cisco Systems, Foster Family Agency, Apple Computer, Chef America, Silicon Containers, Sun Microsystems,

TV: The Tonight Show, Thirty Seconds to Fame, The Drew Carey Show, Home Improvement, Providence, Miss India Pageant - Indian tv, Sabado Gigante - latin tv

Commercials: Peregrine, Burdines, Big John Jeans, Palace Station, Dunkin' Donuts