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The Three Waiters®

three waiters presentation

Act: Singing Waiters

Spend an evening with the Three Waiters.

THREE charming gentlemen. THREE amazing performers.

THREE exceptional voices.  ONE magnificent hoax!

Imagine if during your next function, one of the waiters surprises everyone with a huge operatic note eliciting thunderous applause... then promptly returns to his duties. A short time later, a competitive second waiter decidesto join the stage resulting in a singing duel that includes anything from Pavarotti to Dean Martin to Puccini. But the real fun is only just beginning. To the further surprise of the audience, a third waiter enters and the show culminates in a dynamic performance a la “The Three Tenors.”

This sophisticated show is full of guaranteed laughs, with three talented and charming opera singers posing as waiters and hoaxing guests, before revealing themselves and taking centerstage for a hilarious Three Tenors-style show.

The Three Waiters® takes the concept of singing waiters to a new level, adding elements of sophistication, spontaneity, humour and audience interaction.

It is not a slap stick or improvised waiters show. The act is completely sympathetic to the staff, caterers and guests and does not belittle or embarrass in any way.

The Three Waiters® singing waiters act works for any size or demographic.

Want everyone talking but the guests dont know each other? Book The Three Waiters® - they are the best social event icebreaker!


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