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The Passing Zone

The Passing Zone - jugglers The Passing Zone, jugglers

Act: Jugglers, Corporate Entertainers

Put them in tights, throw in a Garden Weasel®, and what do you get?
Well, it's kind of hard to explain. But they're called The Passing Zone, and they'll amaze you. And make you laugh

Jugglers have been around for thousand of years. But Jon Wee and Owen Morse are different. They really are. And not just because they wear tights while tossing gasoline-powered destruct-o-devices at each other.

And they've got class. So much class that they were asked to perform at The Royal Command Performance for Prince Charles in London.

They break things, lots of things. Like five Guinness World Records. And they've won eighteen gold medals from the International Jugglers Association – more than any other team in the world. They've appeared on television shows you've actually watched (The Tonight Show), in movies you've actually seen (The Addams Family), and at venues you've actually heard of (Caesar's Palace and the MGM Grand).

So invite them over. You'll be in good company. They've been featured at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, on MADtv, and on Penn & Teller's Sin City Spectacular. They've wowed them at IBM, McDonald's, and Hewlett Packard. And they've performed with Bob Hope, Bob Newhart, Rita Rudner, and Tony Bennett

Corporate Entertainment

Let's face it, a corporate event is a distinct and deceptively challenging venue. The objectives of corporate programs are as specialized and innovative as the companies they are designed to promote. Most performers can't quite make the jump. They may have appeal for general audiences. But when it comes to corporate events, they fall flat because they don't understand the nuance of corporate culture, convention objectives, team building or the specialized field of corporate entertainment. You can't afford to risk your reputation on entertainers who don't comprehend your situation. That's why The Passing Zone is extraordinarily popular on the corporate circuit.

Put Jon and Owen's award-winning performance to work for you. They won't just juggle your company's products, they'll make your CEO part of the act. And they can custom design their show, tailoring their act to drive home sales messages, corporate themes and other information critical to your company's mission. Find out why Domino's, Frito-Lay, Boeing, MCI, Andersen Consulting, and other Fortune 500 companies make The Passing Zone central to their corporate functions. Because when it comes to the success of your event, these guys mean business.


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