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The Survey Says Show

The Survey Says Show


Act: Game show

Are you looking for something different for your next corporate event?  Consider the Survey Says Show.

Survey Says plays, in many ways, like the popular TV Feud game, but we've added our own humor and twists to keep everyone involved and guessing right up until the final round.

But best of all, we've made the show all about your company or your campus. How? All of the surveys used in the show are taken on your campus or by your employees!

For companies: You can either have surveys filled out, or assign points for specific questions relating to your organization. For example:

Name a new feature on the new Lexus Convertible.
What are the three most common side effects from our new release of Zylenex tablets?
What are the top three ways to access customer phone numbers in the new SAP software system?

Plus, we can work with you to add "educational" notes after each answer to reinforce the messages if you're using the game as a part of your training program.

For Colleges: Imagine playing a game where the questions are: "Best place to go on a first date", and the students know that the survey was taken on YOUR CAMPUS. Or "name an event that was sponsored by your programming board". Or "an intramural sport" "name a campus tradition".

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