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Rubber Boy

Rubber Boy

Act: Contortionist

In a land and time far away, a bouncing baby was born. OK, OK it wasn’t that long ago (1979) or that far away (Meridian, Mississippi) but a bouncing baby was born. bouncing off the wall in fact. the little boy made of rubber, Daniel Browning Smith, had the strangest abilities. He could form his body into any shape! He discovered this at the young age of four when roughhousing with his siblings, he jumped off the bunk bed to land in a split. his father , amazed at his son’s unique gift, collected some photographs of contortionists from the local library to show Daniel. . .

A dream was born, from that moment on Daniel wanted to be a contortionist. But not just any contortionist, THE WORLD’S GREATEST CONTORTIONIST ! ! ! To achieve his goal Daniel traveled many roads. As a teenager Daniel ran away and joined the circus.(no really, he did) later he toured with a traveling sideshow, meditated with a Sufi mystic, and trained with Master Lu Yi in the ancient art of Chinese acrobatics.

Daniel uses his unique abilities to put himself into impossible predicaments. He dislocates his arms to crawl through an unstrung tennis racquet. He revives the lost art of “enterology”in his Guinness World Record holding act the “De-escape” where he does the reverse of Houdini’s daring escapes. He is the only person alive who can stretch his torso to make his heart move in his chest. (below his sternum where you can see it beat with your own eyes!)

Daniel’s tour de force is the world famous contortion act, where he bends into unthinkable positions. Then finally cramming his body into an 18 gallon box, which is only 13.5 inches x 16 inches x 19.5 inches ! ! (your TV is bigger!)

The Rubberboy will shock and amaze you, with his fast paced acts of weird comedy and story book adventures in . . .



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