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Ron Stubbs

Ron Stubbs


Act: Hypnotist, entertainer

Ron Stubbs is an award-winning entertainer who performs over all over the United States for a variety of audiences including high schools, universities, cruise lines, fairs, conventions and corporations.

His level of skill in the field is obvious as he guides the volunteers on stage into a deep hypnotic state. Mix up your entertainment options with the laughs and mystery of hypnosis. Thrill your audience with participation in a one-of-a-kind experience for groups of all ages. He will have your audience laughing throughout the performance, while participants from the audience have a blast on stage

Ron's background as a professional hypnotherapist, speaker and motivator, combined with his action-packed shows, create a perfect complement to any special event. Ron can present a short introduction on the power of the sub-conscious mind to help the audience visualize success in the professional world. Ron will share insightful information with your group on improving the ability to reach personal and professional goals by harnessing the power of the sub-conscious.