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Celebrity Mystery Theater

Celebrity Mystery Theater


Act: The Ultimate Murder Mystery Theatre Experience

Do something different.....Dinner, drinks, friends and a hilarious murder mystery.  This audience participation comedy has received raved reviews.

Who did it?...Was it... Fran Drescher, Marilyn Monroe, Cher, Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, Rocky Balboa, Bill Clinton, Joan Crawford ... or was it you!

Or a host of other celebrity look-a-likes who have never been seen together before anywhere! With this all-star celebrity look-a-like cast, you never know who may come through the door!

The audience, or “enlisted student detectives”, gather to meet guest speaker Mr. Sherlock Holmes; the world’s greatest super sleuth. During his introduction to the “Scam Spade School of Detectives” a murdered victim is discovered. Upon Sherlock’s review of the crime scene he is hilariously interrupted and eventually joined by another famous detective; i.e., Lt. Columbo of the LAPD. These two characters are the formula for the perfect comedic couple!

Several comedic events lead to the discovery of various clues, hence the investigation begins. The unveiling of each clue leads the detectives to the suspects, all of whom are all-star celebrity impersonators holding valuable information pertinent to solving the crime. As each suspect is questioned, the celebrities interact with the audience and incorporate them into the show. Additionally, 4 volunteer audience members, now specific suspicious characters, were selected and given the opportunity to perform with the cast as they are called upon one by one for questioning.

The ending – truly comical. The surprise element is not only who committed the crime, but who are the suspects?

This is a great opportunity to:
- Provide a unique and original event for employees or clients.
- Provide entertainment source with a team building effect.
- Increase employee camaraderie and association.
- Conduct an informational meeting with fun entertainment.
- Recognize key group individuals by placing them in the spotlight.